InfraNav Maps

InfraNav Maps are data-driven static or interactive telecom infrastructure maps for corporates to better market networks, facilitate better network planning, policy, and/or investment decisions. Our data visualization team works with infrastructure and service providers, customizing InfraNav Maps to specific branding or marketing requirements.

The InfraNav Maps Offering


Market Snapshot


Visualize Broadband Assets

Static infrastructure map features:

  • Deepen knowledge of the broadband ecosystem

  • Visualize coverage gaps; isolate hidden opportunities

  • Contextualize fiber assets with other InfraNav data like rights of way and socio-economic indicators

Custom Visualization


Leverage Interactive Features & Branding

Stylized static or dynamic map features:

  • Personalize network assets to engage potential customers and/or investors

  • Create a memorable brand impression

  • Maximize your network reach


Featured Style Options