InfraNav Solution

InfraNav Solution has access to the largest registry of emerging market ICT data. To ensure that our data has a practical application, our robust platform offers visualization tools, contextual overlays, and sophisticated analytics built on top of our infra-data to help users identify bottlenecks and qualify opportunities, available in over 100 countries globally.


THE InfraNav Solution OFFERING

Full Service Platform


Access Infra-Data, Mapping & Analytics

Customizable web application features:

  • Visualize precise, regularly updated ICT infrastructure datasets

  • Create custom map views by filtering data by key attributes

  • Contextualize infrastructure data with socio-economic indicators

  • Optimize network planning

  • Monitor and evaluate KPIs over time

Bespoke Spatial Analytics


Leverage Sophisticated GIS & Analytics

Build a custom solution with InfraNav’s one-of-a kind data analytics and tools, combining: 

  • Customization of datasets and tools

  • Economic analysis

  • Strategic advising and support

Talk to us to see how InfraNav can fit into your existing systems.