Contribute Network Data


Contributing data to InfraNav is both easy and free of charge. Operators and infrastructure providers may include network infrastructure in the InfraNav database in order to increase asset visibility and monetization. InfraNav data types include fiber optic networks, data centers, IXPs, towers, and other ICT infrastructure.

Acceptable formats include:

  • KML, KMZ, or other GIS format (strongly preferred)

  • Static map

Please contact us if you have a question regarding data requirements.

To contribute data, please fill out the form below, and our team will be in touch within two business days.

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What we do with the data

InfraNav network data is leveraged to advise investors, OTTs, and other stakeholders through consulting engagements. Our infrastructure database also feeds into our InfraLocator tool, in which users can determine network presence within a searched location. We do not provide names and exact fiber routes to competitors in the market.