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Data-Driven Infrastructure Insights.

Infranav is data visualization and analytics platform designed & built to optimize the management, deployment and monetization of digital infrastructure across emerging markets.


With more than 2 million kilometers of terrestrial fiber mapped across over 100 countries, InfraNav is the world’s most comprehensive database of broadband and other ICT infrastructure.


Leverage Comprehensive, Granular broadband data for practical insights

InfraNav helps stakeholders of digital infrastructure better understand and analyze the broadband ecosystem.

With our extensive global repository of fiber optics networks, socio- economic databases, visualization interfaces, and sophisticated analytics, we offer tools, reports, and bespoke applications to optimize connectivity infrastructure.

InfraNav’s Data & Coverage

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Our ICT Market Intelligence & Coverage

  • 2 mil km terrestrial fiber networks*

  • 300+ providers across 100 countries

  • 1,000+ ICT facilities

  • Precise, detailed geospatial data

  • Aggregated by industry professionals

  • Primary and public domain sources

  • Validated by providers and specialists

  • Regular updates to capture new rollouts

  • Differentiated by status and ownership

  • Ever-expanding and growing database

Key Features & Benefits

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The InfraNav Product Suite