InfraNav Network Marketer is a custom, white-label plug-in that helps operators engage prospective customers, aggregate demand, and catalyze the lead-to-sales funnel. It lets both wholesale and retail customers know where infrastructure exists, and the products available at specific locations. The tool doubles as a communications platform, facilitating sales engagements to maximize revenue and network reach.

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Launches & Announcements

Backbone Connectivity Network (BCN), a leading connectivity services provider in Nigeria, launched Network Marketer, an interactive network map for its metropolitan fiber in Abuja leveraging InfraNav, HIP Consult’s data visualization and analytics platform for ICT infrastructure.

“The collaboration with HIP Consult’s InfraNav team is increasing the visibility and commercial potential of our fiber networks by helping would-be customers and the ICT community at large – whether private or public sector – to better understand and access BCN’s connectivity offerings; we consider this an important catalyst for the future growth of our business.”

- Ibrahim Dikko, Managing Director, BCN Nigeria

Fall Promo Pricing

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BENEFITS & Features

You are covered!

Network Geolocation: Let customers know where they can connect to your network


Visualization: Create a lasting brand impression via custom, interactive maps


Indicative Quotation: Set price expectations and help qualify prospect interest


Lead Generation: Facilitate seamless and direct customer engagement


Demand Analytics: Identify areas of concentrated interest


Custom UI: Deliver a consistent message by using a custom color scheme and basemap